Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Race Day is the Best Day: The Paddock

Corinthian Vintage Auto Racing
Oktoberfest and German Feature
October 1 - 2, 2016
MSR Houston
Angleton, TX

After spending portions of my days at the track one weekend, I was reminded of how fun it is to be around the smell of burning fuel and melting rubber. The gear head in me was rekindled even when I was merely spectating and taking photos. Oh, and the fact that these were all vintage cars getting a go at the track added to the excitement.

The Corinthian Vintage Auto Racing (CVAR) has been to MSR Houston earlier this year. I managed to pay a short visit on a race day but it was cut short due to an uninvited thunderstorm. This time around everyone was lucky to have a wonderful fall weather in Texas, nonetheless.

The paddocks were as interesting as keeping your eyes glued to the track. It's somewhat difficult to grasp the thought that these magnificent pieces of metal art can equally be as ferocious on the track as they are beautiful at rest. These vintage races are definitely a testament to the timelessness of classic automotive design during an era when cars were actually conceived by manual labor and not by some highly intelligent computer software. One perfect example is this gorgeous AC Cobra that you see below.

The current owners of these metal tubs on wheels should also be commended for keeping them in such excellent shape, and for sharing them with other automotive enthusiasts. Their courage to toss these cars around several times a year around a seemingly never-ending loop of concrete or asphalt is very much appreciated by people like me who love to admire cars on the paddock and on the trackside.

If you haven't been to any vintage races yet, I advise you to get on Google and start searching for one nearby. I assure you that you will receive something back ten-fold, either in smiles or yearning, just by getting there. Multiply that by another ten if you muster enough determination to walk through the paddock and admire the cars up close. Trust me!

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