Monday, October 3, 2016

Event: Wekfest Texas 2016

October 1, 2016
George R. Brown Convention Center
Houston, TX

We're back! Yes, we have been gone for too long, I know. It's crazy how life sometimes gets in the way of your hobby and you lose all the motivation to be creative. Well, luckily Wekfest was dropping by Houston and what better way to get back to the groove of things than covering one of the best tuner shows.

This year, I did not get to the roll-in until about 10 AM, which was already late considering how early the cars start showing up. I managed to take photos of some of the remaining cars awaiting for their turn to enter the show area. Most of the top quality builds, unfortunately, already drove in much earlier than expected.

The few cars that were rolling in late were mostly your run-of-the-mill slam and stance types, but that is not to say that some were not interesting. In fact, one car caught my attention. 

Yes, it is a ratted-out E36 M3. This may not be for the purists at heart, but say what you will, the owner definitely had some unconventional and unique vision in mind for this build. Instead of navigating through cones, which this E36 would actually excel at, this paint-less example navigates around potholes and bumps. Maybe after a couple of days this car would look similar to the Stance Works E28 Rusty, Mike Burrough's rustiful creation.

Next year, early would be the game plan for Wekfest so that I could cover more of the cars waiting in the loading area. Here's the rest of this year's cars during the late roll-in. It's definitely great to be back!

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