Thursday, April 7, 2016

The Boss Creates El Hefe

January 21, 2016
Turbo Kraft
Mesa, AZ

El Hefe (El Jefe in Spanish) means "The Boss." Call it surreal, but witnessing the RWB boss work on a car touted as "The Boss" was very real to everyone present in the shop. Every RWB build is always about partaking in the journey, as you will read in this post. 

Nakai-san abounds with both mystery and admiration from fans of his work. Given the language barrier between him and most of the enthusiasts, this aura of mystery grows even bigger. Nakai-san is larger than life. It is rather inevitable to not include or make the RWB boss the topic of every conversation.

During each build, the car is only but a canvas to Nakai-san's craftsmanship, and various motoring enthusiasts' ingenious work of automotive engineering. Essentially, the car loses the spotlight, which perfectly makes sense because the creation process and the coming together of the community for the build are what make our passion more meaningful. 

El Hefe's build was an intimate gathering of like-minded gear heads. Food, booze, ideas, and conversations were overflowing. 

Everyone was pleasantly surprised by Takahashi-san's presence during the build. He flew in from Japan just to be a part of El Hefe. Just so you know, he drives a badass gray metallic 930 turbo RWB (@rwb911turbo). 

We all ended the first day of the build with some more food, booze, and lighter conversations. It was an awesome start to the build weekend, and a good prelude to the actualization of El Hefe.

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