Sunday, November 8, 2015

Event: Wekfest Texas 2015 [Part 2 of 3]

October 18, 2015
George R. Brown Convention Center
Houston, TX

The number of cars that were coming in for the show was insane. Thanks to the organized people at Wekfest, the flow of the roll-in went smoothly and the queue of cars waiting to enter the convention center did not get out of hand. Although this was like a double-edged sword for any photographer because this made the job of spotting the cars that caught people's attention all the more harder - especially when you factor in the fact that most of the cars were really nicely built. Nevertheless, we tried our best to document all the cars as time and opportunity would permit. We hope you enjoyed part 1 of the coverage for Wekfest Texas, and are in anticipation for part 2. Well, here it is!

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