Wednesday, April 29, 2015

The Birth of Medusa: Creator at Work

April 5, 2016
Anaheim, California

The second day of the build started earlier than the previous one. Despite accomplishing quite a lot on day 1, Nakai-san did not waste any time and began working on Medusa as soon as we got to the shop right after lunch. Nakai-san's work ethic is very admirable.

One could never comprehend the masterful craftsmanship of Nakai-san's creations. Although his designs are based on various wide body kits for the Porsches, he has managed to develop something unique and personal. Surely somebody else has done it first, but Nakai-san greatly improved what he has previously seen and experienced.

Some Porsche purists might call his method madness, while some might call it an artistic endeavor. Whatever it is, his process is something to behold and the product is of utmost quality. 

To a normal bystander Nakai-san's work might be considered disorganized, but there surely is a lot of organizing and methodical mapping of the build process in his brilliant mind.  

Day 2 of the build happened to fall on Easter Sunday, which meant that most of the previous day's visitors and spectators were with their families and friends celebrating. Only a handful of friends and acquaintances dropped by early. The crowd was small and the work area was only filled with noises of the drilling, cutting, and sanding of metal and fiberglass.

Christian admiring a visitor's bike.

Different strokes for different folks. But they all speak the same language... Porsche.

Nakai-san's routine every break.

The car community that was gathered in and around the build of Medusa is indeed awesome. People who attend RWB builds are usually present to observe Nakai-san and to mingle with other car enthusiasts. But far more than that, most of them extended out and lent their helping hand to accomplish minor tasks even without having to ask them. Such gestures are what make the community stronger, and they draw even more members of the same character. 

Chris Carroll of TurboKraft (Mesa, AZ) was hands-on with the build.

Chris's knowledge and expertise of Porsches were invaluable during Medusa's build.

Nakai-san's break essentials.

Honestly, this was not set up. This was genuine.

Mark was a big help since day 1. If there was a lead mechanic assisting Nakai-san, he would be it.

Newton was all over the place helping out. I'm sure he can't wait to have his RWB built soon.

Even Trina was working. She was mainly helping Miho with masking out areas for paint.


JM applying what he has learned from Nakai-san the day before.

Nakai-san checking the stance.

Probably his first time using an automatic silicon sealant gun, and he owned it.

Later that day, a couple more friends showed up to make a slightly bigger crowd, albeit more intimate than the previous day. The second day proved to be a laid back Sunday with some cold beer and warm company. 

Jon Tran's super low Genesis.

Warm west coast sunset hitting that wide fender and wheels.

TE37's look good on everything. How many times has this been said?

Some sweetness going on during the build.

Pat enjoying Nakai-san's company.

Nakai-san on the other hand was always busy with the build. It is unclear where he draws all that energy from. It could very well be gained from the cigarettes he puffed all day, or the coffee that might as well be the liquid running through his veins. It might also be that he wanted to finish the car half a day early so he could hunt down Porsches before he flies out to Vancouver later that week. All of which are just speculations. One thing is clear though - that his passion is immeasurable. That alone is more than enough of a reason for all his energy, creativity, and mania. 

Light stands in the shop were automatic and voice activated. They were highly adaptive, too.

Eyeballing the fender fin cut-outs.

And on through the night, Nakai-san continues working. His meticulousness is unwavering, and every detail still gets the same attention as when he first started. 

No mask, don't care. YOLO.

Adding one of the sexiest panels on the car.

At about 8 PM, we all wrapped up day 2. The rear fender fins, which add a lot of sexiness to the car's end, were installed, as was all the parts except the wing. Medusa was still on jack stands when the day ended, but the progress was amazing. The distinctive and aggressive RWB look is now alive. 

RWB friends were gathered outside to talk a bit and decide where to have dinner. Nakai-san wanted Mexican food. Since he is master, his will was done.

After ticking off the last box on the day's checklist, which was Mexican dinner, everybody was still smiling and ready for day 3. It was a great meal to cap off Easter Sunday spent in the shop with some family and friends. We were very ready to complete Medusa.. just one more day.

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