Thursday, November 30, 2017

Porsche con Sabor a Tejas

Tejas Treffpunkt

November 18, 2017
Spring Street Studios
Houston, TX

Now in its second year, and with a more rebellious name, Tejas Treffpunkt (originally Tejas Treffen) has matured into a very well-organized event with numerous activities. The renaming of the gathering of Porsche machines is another story in itself. The CliffsNotes being that Porsche Club of America wanted the "Treffen" name all to themselves so the awesome organizers picked Treffpunkt instead.

The new name and theme of the second year's gathering were perfectly paired. The event featured a Lucha Libre theme, from the poster design that shows a luchador down to the wrestling match posters hanging on the event space. The gathering even had a wrestling ring out on the lot and featured an actual luchador - one of the most prominent addition to the event format from the debut year. Where is the documentation of the said luchador and lucha libre ring, you may ask? I unfortunately missed all of that fun stuff, but the cars pretty much made up for that.

At 4:30 PM, the unpaved parking lot that showcased numerous P-cars was half-filled. That was a pretty good sign that the event was about to wrap up. Fortunately, there were still a bunch of interesting cars basking in the warm setting Texas sun and enjoying the cool fall breeze.

After a few minutes of glancing through the lines of Porsche's, a few snaps here and there, and a good amount of dust on my shoes, the indoor art space quickly seemed like a very enticing place to spend the remainder of my day. Not only was the indoor space warm and dust-free but it also housed most of the precious air-cooled and modern Porsche's, along with some bespoke motorcycles from Scales Studio.

The Tejas Treffpunkt organizers have done an immensely impressive job of steadily improving the Texas-flavored Porsche gathering. What could possibly be next year's theme? Heres a roll-call: @p911r, @r_elfer, @nizzyniels, @mr_993.

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