Sunday, November 27, 2016

Porsche and Art

Tejas Treffen
November 19, 2016
Spring Street Studios
Houston, TX

Porsche's are beautifully designed cars, such that mentioning the name in the same sentence with "art" sounds perfect. So with the Tejas Treffen team planning a unique Porsche event, holding the show at a building occupied by various artists from different disciplines was only appropriate. This would be the first time in Houston where Porsche cars were displayed alongside beautiful works of art from local artists. Oh, there were some gorgeous motorcycles, too.

The Porsche heritage started with the 356, which paved the way for the automaker's iconic design. From the 912 that immediately replaced the 356 to the latest 991 911, the car's lineage always retained the basic iconic shape with only the slightest evolution between generations - each tweak was just enough to keep the original design stand out in each era.

The cars on display were carefully curated by the Tejas Treffen team, and each one of them were strategically placed indoors and outdoors to narrate the design progression of the cars. Rightfully so, the rear sweep of the car's roofline felt at home amongst the colorful and unique artwork inside the studios. Some of the rare and unique examples were displayed on the first floor of the studios.

The second floor of the building provided the spectators with a delightful display of artistic metalwork in the form of motorcycles. Scales Studio and Revival Cycles brought some of their creations out to add more mechanical artistry into the event.

On the gravel grounds bordering the studio building, there were Porsches parked tightly next to each other. There was an abundance of spectators admiring each one of the beauties. Some vendors were present as well as some food trucks. The event was completed by DJ Delsur's vintage sounds that invoked a sense of nostalgia. His mixes properly suited the historic nature of majority of the cars present. 

The art and automotive communities got together that day and successfully melded the two worlds together. Tejas Treffen showed us that the motoring world cannot exist without art. The show was awesome and I couldn't wait to participate in next year's celebration of Porsche and art. 

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