Thursday, April 14, 2016

El Hefe: Fenders and Tail On

January 22, 2016
Turbo Kraft
Mesa, AZ

Day two of El Hefe’s birth was somewhat the official start of the build since most of the major modifications were done that day. Given the amount of work that had to be accomplished in so little time, everybody in the shop was ready to be stuck in there until Nakai-san called it a day.  And as expected from a group of passionate gearheads, everybody diligently fulfilled their parts.

The coverage will be loaded with more pictures and less words from here on. The whole process is far better represented in photos, and even best in detailed videos. Every build process is similar in methodology, but the atmosphere of the location and the people present are unique to each build. For our readers who have not had the opportunity to be a part of an RWB build, the almost step-by-step and detailed photos could hopefully relay the experience. This set of photos can serve as a good reminder of the magic in every RWB build when the craze will all be over.   

With the second day being the official and public start of the build, more spectators have dropped by to get a glimpse of Nakai-san working, and of course mingle with like-minded car guys.  The day consisted of talking, eating, drinking, and on occasion helping out with the build – pretty much what goes on in every car build. Turbo Kraft had some interesting cars and equipment in the shop, so during downtime people were walking around and marveling at the machineries (a shop feature is in the works for Turbo Kraft).

The most significant progress to El Hefe that day would be the shaving of the factory fenders and the bolting on of the RWB wide fenders. The extra width on the hips houses the fat Work wheels wrapped in chunky Pirelli rubber. It is always amazing to see Nakai-san seal the fiberglass fenders to the body with Sikaflex using his bare fingers.

We all ended the day with some food and more drinks at a Mexican restaurant named El Hefe, the car’s namesake. Coincidentally, it was a Friday night in Tempe and with ASU nearby, college kids were out and were definitely wild. To protect everyone in the photos, let’s just end the coverage for day two at this point. Self-incrimination is dangerous.

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