Monday, December 21, 2015

Event: Japanese Nostalgic Car Meet

December 19, 2015
8th Wonder Brewery
Houston, TX

Out here in Houston, the Mayday Garage boys rule the import scene. They pretty much monopolize and own the ricers. So whenever they put out a car meet, be it a pre-meet to a car show or their weekly Ricer Wednesdays and Coffee and Rice on Sundays, you can be rest assured that it is an absolute hit. This year's Japanese Nostalgic Car Meet was no exception.

The meet coincided with the internationally-renowned HIN car show. Despite that, there was a very good variety of cars in attendance, and there were more people in attendance compared to the first year of the JNCM. The meet was held at a brewery, so great beer was abundant. To complement that nicely, John P brought out his Rice Box Truck to fill everyone's tummies with good Chinese food. 

Having said that, this coverage is quite lengthy so be prepared to keep those fingers worked out with scrolling down through the post. Pictures are aplenty! It is alright to take breaks in between photos, too. Enjoy!

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