Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Concours d'Elegance: Porsche Style

by Lone Star Region Porsche Club of America

August 22, 2014
La Trattoria Tuscano
The Woodlands, Texas

During the Thursday before this meet, I was wondering whether there were any auto events going on in and around Houston for the weekend. Since Porsches have been on my mind lately, I decided to check the Lone Star Region PCA's calendar of events. There were 2 events scheduled on the 22nd, one was a get together in Galveston and the other one a Concours d'Elegance in The Woodlands. Alas! I found my Saturday morning activity.

The Concours d'Elegance was held on a parking lot at a strip mall where La Trattoria Tuscano was located. Pulling up into the parking lot, some 964's, Caymans, and later model 911's were parked away from the show area. The first glimpse that I got of the competition was that of a row of 912's. An event with 4 912's lined up side by side is a very good event in my book.

More stunning than the 912's were the pair of 356's, a coupe and a cabriolet, basking in the morning summer sun. Almost perfect examples of that old shape we have all grown to love. 

The 911 Classic is one of the most beautiful body shapes of the Porsche cars. Simple lines and curves combined with a low and sleek profile. This 1972 911E, owned by @p911r, is a very clean example of the model.

This other 911 Classic, owned by @rgruppe, is also really impressive. I just wish I took more photos of this car. 

The 930's had a good showing. This was the first time I've seen @clay_mation's car in person. I've read his build thread and seen numerous pictures of the car from since he still had the Bugatti wheels on. His build is impressive and everything just ties together. The interior is no slouch either. 

Some 996's and slant nose 930's were also in attendance. 

I might have missed the Carrera GT that arrived late, but I was fortunate enough to see this DP350. It is a 930 Turbo that has undergone surgery by DP Motorsport. In addition to the Ekkehard Zimmermann designed aerodynamic bodywork, the factory turbo has also been upgraded to a DP Stage 2 turbo. The car was originally owned by Olympic downhill skier Bodie Miller. A Houstonite then bought and restored it, finishing it in the classic blue and orange Gulf Racing colorway. It just recently came back from Mecum Auctions in Monterey, CA, and is still currently for sale. Just in case anybody is interested and has a few changes to spare.

Some water-cooled Porsches also showed up. Modern 911's, Boxsters and Caymans were very well-represented. There were even 2 918 Spyders that paid a visit. 

Overall, it was a wonderful small and quaint event. The Porsches gathered spanned decades of amazing engineering and beautiful design. My interest in Porsches just got stronger, and now I badly want one. 


  1. Can you email me the full res ones on the blue DP? and how did you know it was me (Premier Detailing) with the car?

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