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The Birth of Medusa: Culmination of #19

April 6, 2016
Anaheim, California

The final day of the build. 

The day started slow right after lunch. Before Nakai-san started his work, he spent some time to take in the whole atmosphere and inspect the progress of his build. While slowly getting into the mood, he was kind enough to autograph a couple of memorabilia including some RWB Medusa stickers, Porsche keychains, and RWB artwork. None of which are for sale, though.

Signed stickers for sponsors and friends.

Art Machines (David) created this skillful rendering of Pat's RWB in its original color.

With the large tasks like body panel work already accomplished in previous days, the remaining tasks consisted mostly of minor detail work and polishing. Given that the last day fell on a workday, the only people around that afternoon were the guys working at Verstrasse and a few close friends.   

Each batch of the fender fins is unique in design.

The quieter atmosphere allowed one to really take in the beautiful craftsmanship of Nakai-san. Each curve and line that the RWB design adds accentuates the 993's sleek form, while also making the car more aggressive.

A few minutes and a couple of puffs later, Nakai-san was ready to get the day going. Both he and Miho started by putting on the final screws on the fenders. 

The rear fender canard flows perfectly with the fender wing.

Although it might sound like little tasks, all the detail work took a lot of concentration and time to perfect, especially when the standards are of Nakai-san's.

Nakai-san took little breaks here and there, while some of JM's friends started arriving throughout the afternoon. Truly, friendships and acquaintances are integral parts in the car scene. It is all about the community and a sense of belonging. 

RWB Canada (Anthony) just flew in that day to visit Medusa, and to accompany Nakai-san to Vancouver.

Dat brought Mark Arcenal's Pandora One to visit Medusa.

After 3 days, Nakai-san is now a master in using the automated silicone gun.

Can't stop, won't stop.

This fender wing was stubborn and needed to be taped for 2 days.

Two amazing human beings, JJ Chen of Pink Ribbon Racing, and David of Art Machines, kneeling before Pandora One.

Pink Ribbon Racing's Rocket Bunny FR-S.

Be sure to check Pink Ribbon Racing and support their great cause.

It was still amazing to watch Nakai-san work on his creation even on day 3. He was doing everything manually including wheel alignment. I have seen mechanics manually align wheels with the help of strings and water levels, but not like Nakai-san's method where adhesive tape and a retractable tape measure were the only tools. I would have to assume that his eyesight and sense of depth and perspective are excellent.

No RWB is complete without the RWB/Idlers decals and stencils, as well as the car name's stickers.
And what better way to polish off Medusa than for Nakai-san to personally attach the stencils with his very steady hands. 

Some of the little parts including the engine lid lock and the front hood sill plate were installed late in the day, since those were left at the body shop and needed to be picked up.

The second deck of the wing was then installed after the engine lid was in place. Again, all adjustments were eyeballed. 

After a few minor adjustments to the suspension, Nakai-san finally concluded the actual build. He sat for a while to rest and admire Medusa before he drove her out for a test drive with JM.

Two good buddies sharing their ideas to the world.

Yes, Carrera!

Christian coveting Fernando's 964.

This RWB Badge was a gift from RWB Canada's Anthony to JM.

I just can't get enough of Fernando's 964. One day...

The three main characters of the 3-day build.

THE talk, before the test drive.

People speculating which direction Nakai-san and JM would be coming from after the test drive.

Nakai-san performed one last and final round of inspection and minor tweaking on the alignment and suspension.

Spot the not. One lug nut was missing, so Fernando was kind enough to sacrifice one of his 963's lug nuts.

RWB Medusa was born, and the creator left his mark on RWB USA #19. To cap off the whole build, Nakai-san signed Verstrasse's wheel-manufacturing machines. I bet his signatures have immediately and tremendously increased the value of those two machines.

The crowd gathering around during the culmination of Medusa's build.

Everybody was very reluctant to leave the shop. As much as we all wanted to see the final product, it was bittersweet to end the build. I, personally, have made a couple of new connections with car-minded people. I am sure the people who were present during the build have also created their own networks of friends and future collaborators.

Conversation and laughter with friends old and new are priceless. As cliche as it might be, the journey and the people you meet along the way are what make the outcome special. As Christian Coujin aptly puts it, invest in meeting and visiting all the positive people as much as you can because they are your future.

RWB and Nakai-san not only provide all of us with amazing Porsches, but they also foster an amazing sense of community and friendship. Cheers to more RWB's and awesome friends. 

'Til the next build.

We leave you with a bonus video recapping the 3 days we've spent with Nakai-san and the birth of Medusa.

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